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“.... I can't say enough about how easy Brittney and Johnny have made this for Matt and me. We have been in constant contact through the whole process...”

“...She is the best lap kitty ever. Everyone that comes to our house falls in love with her instantly, because she demands the full attention of anyone she meets. She has become a very special part of our family...”

The Gobble Family

Johnny, Brittney, daughters "Alexandra Catalina" (aka"Ali Cat") and "Brooklynn Bridgette", and the newest edition to our family "Rykerr Obediah".

Our Home & Cattery Life

 My husband, Johnny Gobble, is a Veterinarian and I am...well... a stay at home mommy that sculpts, a pet photographer, as well as run "Owned By A Sphynx" magazine. I also show our cats, and I am one of the 5 TICA Sphynx breed committee members (these members make all the decisions for the Sphynx breed in TICA worldwide).


   Our cats are given top quality around-the-clock care, and we strive to raise healthy, well adapted animals.  We love our Sphynx! Our cats love us and love our attenion. They will seek you out and demand your attention... we love our little stalkers!  Sphynx are bold animals, but they are still very gentle and non-aggressive.  Several of our queens even wag their tails like a puppy! Since my husband is a Veterinarian, we  have seen the personalities of many breeds.  We simply love the Sphynx breed.  They offer kindness, love, and playful joy.  Sphynx are very clean with no real health concerns.  They are simply a great cat minus the hair-none on your clothes, none on your furniture, none anywhere!  Our program is based solely on the love of the Sphynx breed.

Love Letters

Several of our wonderful families have been kind enough to send us letters about adopting from us and how much they love their new baby. Click the button below to read them!

Our "four legged" family includes....