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Deposit Information

Every breeder has a different deposit policy. After you have picked a baby, we require a deposit . We hold our kittens in the order we receive deposits. We have had several people pick a kitten and ask us to hold it, only to have them change their mind or just "disappear". Since we are turning away other families that are also excited about adopting a baby, we need a deposit to show that you are serious about your little one. Our kittens are generally adopted 24-72 hours from when I send out you need to be ready! :)


Our deposit is $500. At about 8 weeks of age we will begin sending out emails with photos, so please have your deposit ready! This can be broken into payments if you make arrangements with us. The remaining $750 is not due until the kitten is ready to go home (around 12 weeks). Our deposit is non-refundable.


Most of our kitten buyers call our Vet office (Tellico Bay Animal Hospital) and pay with a debit or credit card. This is easy and also safer for both of us (since our office is a "real" business). We can also take a money order or personal check for the deposit if preferred by you. A check would need to be sent priority mail as often we have held a kitten for two weeks waiting for a check that was supposedly mailed...only for it to never show up and the family to disappear. So sending priority assures that we have the check within about 3 days and know you are serious about your new little family member :).