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Our Cats

Sphynx Kittens

We have worked hard to develop bloodlines that are both healthy and stunning! Several of our cats have been imported and trusted to us by wonderful friends from around the world...

Our kittens (and adults) are given top quality around-the-clock care, and we strive to raise healthy, well socialized babies....

Helpful Information

Tips on grooming and health issues, as well as links to fun websites to visit an dlearn more about the Sphynx breed...

Why adopt a "Gobblin"? 

Gobble's Gobblins is a small, home cattery located in Sweetwater, Tennessee.  We are not financially dependent on our breeding program, so we breed cats for our enjoyment and improving the Sphynx population.  


My husband is a Veterinarian so our cats are given top notch care! I am a stay at home mommy that sculpts, pet photographer, as well as run "Owned By A Sphynx" magazine. I also show our cats, and I am one of the 5 TICA Sphynx breed committee members .

A magazine dedicated to the Sphynx breed has been a dream of mine for years and I am so proud of all the work our team put in to create this for Sphynx fans around the world!