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Love Letters

Our family had been looking at getting a sphynx kitten for about two years. We took a long time to research not only the breed, but the various breeders. Brittney and Johnny are by far the kindest, most professional, honest and genuinely cool people we found in our adventure.  When we first contacted them, we were very openly told that the kitten we had our eye on was actually being looked at by two other people, but that we could still come meet them and the kittens and get some first hand interaction and information.  We were even invited to bring our small chihuahua with us to see how she would do around the cats. We were welcomed into their home and shown not just the kittens but all the cats in their cattery and family. We went home still undecided, because bringing home a new member of the family is a lifelong and serious commitment.  Within a week we were told that our blue eyed baby was indeed going to be available and made the decision that it was meant to be.


During the wait (which felt insanely long because we were so excited, but was really only a couple months), we were sent photos, email updates and even offered another visit with our little man.  Not only were we updated as to his health, vet care and vaccinations, but we were told about his personality and funny stories along the way. It made us feel like we were getting the right addition to our home and family.  Loki is the best cat in the world (yes, we are biased, but we're also right!!).  He is friendly, personable and outgoing. He found his food, water and litter within the first two hours of being home.


He gets along with not just myself, but my partner and my son as well.  He's an "equal opportunity lover" our kitten and we can't imagine life without him.  If you are even thinking about getting a sphynx, Brittney and Johnny are the way to go.  They will be right there with you during the decision process, wait and delivery - and EVEN AFTER YOU GET HOME.  They will help you with any questions or concerns about the cat's welfare, nutrition, health and care for the happiest home for everyone.


We are madly in love with our kitten boy and his gorgeous blue eyes.  He even gives us kisses (like a puppy!) which we don't mind a bit.


Thank you so much Gobble family, we couldn't be happier.

Susanna, Beth & Kaiden (Bitsy & Loki)


PS:  Kaiden says "I love, love, love my naked cat."

(Note From Gobble's Gobblins ~ Susanna and her family now have three Sphynx from us!)




Dear Brittney & Johnny , I would just like to take a moment , if I may , to thank you both , once again , for the two wonderful Sphinx kittens ( Fudd & Cora) that we adopted through  Gobble's Gobblins  . They are wonderful cats , healthy , playful , intelligent and good-natured . They are adorable to look at and so personable to meet , that everyone who comes in contact with them , threatens to steal them away . Even their vet , has commented on them , ... their fine medical attention , as well as their anatomy and their general demeanor . This is a testament to the love ,and care , and attention to their health and needs , given by the two of you's , as they were , weaned , cared for and prepared to be sent to their new parents. There are so many places these days , interested only in a fast dollar ,... "puppy mills" , for kittens , .. and unfortunately , it shows up later as health problems , ill temperament , ... to the determent of the new parents and to the kittens , .. I'm glad I spent some time researching not only the breed , but the breeders too , .. you both are highly thought of by your peers , .. and for good reason , .. As a smaller breeder , it was necessary to wait a bit , for a litter to arrive, and to get a kitten , .. I'm so glad we did . The more personalized raising of the litters , shows in their personalities & good health. I would be glad to recommend your cattery and your kittens to anyone . I can't imagine ,not having our two around, they are both so wonderful , and yet so different . Every day is an adventure with these guys , .. they are so inquisitive , and curious about everything , .. they can open doors , turn lights off and on , change volume on the remote , they amuse us as much as themselves , as they play together ,  ... more importantly though , they can brighten any day , and melt any heart  ... Thank you so so much ,... we love our little Sphinx buddies.  

Jim & Dorothy




Dear Brittney and Johnny,


WOW.  I don't even know how to start this e-mail.  But your little boy is so perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My friend and I went to pick him up at the airport...Imagine the excitement!  When they brought his crate and my friend and I peeped inside I think we were both madly in love!!!  This friend being unsure about why I wanted a Sphynx to begin with. I think now she really understands.  She wants one herself! Right now he is lying on the bed with me. He is licking my arm :o)  He was good after the plane ride.  And he adjusted extremely well into my bedroom (which I designated as his safe room).  There are alot of nooks and crannies and levels that I think he absolutely loves.  He was not shy to get out of his crate and immediately began exploring! I was very impressed!  I bought him a pheromone collar just incase we needed to calm him a bit  but he needed no calming!  He has been playing with all the toys I have bought for him.  And he is very good at entertaining himself. Michael has not met her yet but she definately knows there is something in the house.  She keeps sniffing the crack in the door of my bedroom.  I named Fuzzy JJ!  It just came to me and J.J. was quite an easy name to say.  And I think it suits him very well. Now he's stopped licking me and is curled up right under my hair :) I think he got tired from all that running around.  But he is SO VERY ADORABLE!! The most amazing kitten I hahimself--really likes running around - and I love it!   Michael has not seen her.  But she definitely knows something is in the housve ever seen!  He is so SPECIAL!!! Brittney and Johnny I want to thank you so much really for trusting me with this amazing lovely guy!! He is beautiful fun energetic and a big love!  I cannot thank you enough!!!! You both have done a truly wonderful job of raising him!!!!   I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW HAPPY I AM!  thank you thank you thank you. Already JJ is bringing me joy and his personality really does fit me very  very well! We are the same and it seems almost too good to believe! Woud it sound bizarre if I said that right now he is giving me a massage??!! With his paws!! He is so perfect and I have called most of my friends already to rave about him! They all want to meet him! I cannot get over the fact that he is giving me a massage! I have attached some pictures I took today of JJ.  I will definitely be sending more!  And now I can post pictures on Owned by A Sphynx! I am so excited! I will take JJ to the vet either tomorrow or the day after to make sure he's all good and to register him with them.  Wow I cannot tell you crazy I am about him already. I'm just looking at him and I cannot believe I finally have my own Sphynx. To make things sound even more bizarre he is the perfect Sphynx for me. :)  And now his paws are massaging my arms and he is sucking on his stomach. I will send some more pictures soon but I just wanted to let you know that your baby made it into the city safe and is very very very much loved and adored and appreciated :)  I will be in touch very soon!! THANK YOU SO MUCH BOTH OF YOU!!!! I cannot describe how beautiful today went and how incredible I feel at the fact that he is completely amazing.  I couldn't have asked for a better kitten.Have a good night~!!!! Thank you again! I will keep you posted!!

Warmly and big hugs

Leela :DDDD  




Neo is so wonderful! I love him more than I ever thought I could love him! He absolutely amazed me with how confident, brave, and adventurous he was the minute we brought him home. He wasn't afraid of anything. I was expecting him to hide or run from us, especially my children! He was purring, licking, and rubbing all over us! He loves to climb on everything. His favorite place today has been the computer desk. He has used the litter box, eaten his food, and he has been such a gentleman! I have never had a kitten or cat that has ever been this affectionate! He follows me everywhere and when I stop to hold him he rubs, meows, licks, and purrs! He always wants to be around me and I LOVE IT! When I was giving my kids a bath he stood up beside the tub and watched the kids take a bath. Again, I have never had a cat do that before! My favorite moment tonight was when I decided to take a bath. Neo decided to jump up and sit on the side of the tub. At one point he crawled onto my knees! I couldn't even enjoy my bath because I was afraid he was going to jump into the hot water! Once I unplugged the water and it was gone, Neo was in the tub! I also had to shut my children's bedroom doors because he wanted to play with them and it was bedtime for my kids! He has absolutely brought so much love, happiness, and entertainment to this family! I never imagined that he would be this AMAZING! I am absolutely in love with this little guy! Thank you so much for trusting our family to take care of this SPECIAL kitty! ~Bridgette    




Here is a letter from the Tulli Family. They adopted "G.G.", one of our outcross kittens (a Sphynx with Hair)...


Hey there, we have had so much fun playing with her!!! She so owns the entire house and has been bossing her brothers all around. Our first sphynx "Bobby" was the boss prior to her arrival but has since stepped down. She chases him and they play so cute together. Every morning we have to watch our feet because we don't want to step on her and she chases after whoever is up first. She has such a great personality and we just love her!!! She has adapted so well almost like she grew up here, we are so happy to have her and thanks sooooo much!!!! Here are a few pics of her as she has claimed our sons bean bag chair as her bed...she is just too cute!!




Hey Britt,

Just wanted to write to let you know Charlie did fantastic his first day and night home. He did miss his siblings a bit but as long as I was in sight he was ok. He found his food NO problem and his water. It took him a while to use his litter box but once he realized what it was besides something to run in and out of he was great. He definitely recognizes his name :) he is also a very big cuddle bug and I love it! I honestly can't thank you and Johnny enough for this guy. He is the perfect naked kitty for me ( even if he did wake me up at 2am by attacking me under the covers to play LOL) :) I was so busy playing with him yesterday that I didn't take any pictures but will send some your way as soon as I do. Thanks again for my Charlie!



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