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Outcross Example


Here is a visual example of how outcrossing works

and how we developed one of the bloodlines in our cattery.

I like picture teaching tools!


"Francis Opal" one of our foundation queens (pictured in the middle soaking up the sun) was bred to a domestic shorthair named "One last Time" (yes, my hubby named him that because he got to make a litter...well, you guessed last time). Both mom and dad have the most gorgeous gold eyes (and for the record, dad had a very nice long tail...not shown in photo!).

They produced a litter of beautiful F1 outcrosses. All three are coated of course, but they each carry the Sphynx gene. There were two girls and one boy in that litter. Ironically it turned out that our plain "nothing fancy" barn cat male actually carried the point gene (blue eyes). So we were surprised with two little blue eyed babies! They are wet from their bath here :).

"Gobsgobblins Amora Moon" was then bred to our Sphynx male "Grand Oray Diamond Snow" .

They produced a litter of second generation Sphynx (F2). When breeding a coated cat that carries the Sphynx gene, you will produce 50% completely naked kittens and 50% completely coated....but each litter varies on the percentage you will actually get. There were three naked boys, one naked girl and one coated girl in Amora's litter. I decided that I would keep the coated girl. Most times a breeder will only keep a naked kitten from this generation, but sometimes if the kitten is nice and has more to offer a breeding program a coated will be kept instead of a naked kitten. The girl I kept was caoted, but the same statistics as her mother will apply...meaning when bred to a hairless stud, I will get 50% naked and 50% coated kittens. There is also a photo of my favorite boy from the litter and a photo of the girl (Tryst) that I kept.

Gobsgobblins Tryst" was then bred to "Nadasphynx Sketty O".

If you would like to see more photos of generation by generation outcrossing check out Nada's website (I got the idea for showing the background of one of my cats from her website...but then decided to use it more as a pictorial guide to outcrossing).

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They produced a litter of two naked female kittens (Yay! This was a wonderful litter since I was supposed to get 50% completely coated kittens!). These kittens are now three generations from the domestic shorthair foundtion cat. Both of these kittens were placed as pets, but had I bred one to a naked male, she would produce all hairless kittens.

So for summary...we have found that the cats from this line are extremely healthy. They do not even have the fairly common kitten reaction to vaccines. Another wonderful benefit is that the cats from this line are quite large, yet on their HCM scans they have extremely low heart measuments...since thickened heart walls is one concern with Sphynx cats (and may other cat breeds) this is definitely a blessing! And one final photo of one of the little girls created through years of work...